Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Arthroscopy is the method of viewing a joint, and if needed perform surgery on the joint. It is a surgical procedure in which arthroscope is inserted into a joint. An arthroscope surgeon in Delhi is a device consists of a tiny tube, a lens as well as a light. This device is inserted into the joint through a small incision and facilitates surgeon to look into and evaluate the joint damage and disease. It also allows surgeon to perform reconstructive procedure to on the joint, if needed.

Arthroscopy provides certain benefits such as small incision, faster healing, quick recovery period and minimum scarring.

Knee Arthroscopy

During the knee arthroscopy knee surgery in delhi the surgeon insert a small camera to examine the tissues of knee joint.

The procedure involves a small cut, less than one-quarter in diameter and inserts a camera into the knee joint which is attached to the monitor that allows surgeon to see inside the knee. Saline is pumped in under pressure to expand the joint to control the bleeding. The surgeon look around and evaluate the entire knee for problem area and usually makes one to four addition incision to insert other instruments such as blunt hoot to pull on various tissues, a shaver to remove damaged or unwanted soft tissues and a burr to remove the bone. A heat probe may also be utilized to eliminate inflammation in the joint. At the end of the surgery the saline is drained from the knee, incisions are closed and dressing is applied.

Who needs knee arthroscopy?

It is recommended for knee problems that include:

  • A torn and damaged anterior cruciate or posterior cruciate ligament
  • Loose bodies in the joint knee (small pieces of broken cartilage)
  • Mild arthritis
  • A torn meniscus
  • Misalignment of the knee cap
  • Inflamed or damaged lining of the joint

It is better the open surgery as it results in less pain, minimum complications, quicker recovery and shorter stay in hospitals.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy surgery is used to examine or repair the tissues inside or around the shoulder joint. The surgeon inserts a small camera (arthroscope) into the joint which is attached with monitor to that allows surgeon to inside the joint. The surgeon looks around the whole joint to check the cartilage, tendons and ligaments of the shoulder. If the damaged tissues need to repair, the surgeon makes addition one to three more small incisions to insert other instruments. It may comprise a blunt hook to pull on tissues, a shaver to remove damaged tissue or unwanted tissues or a burr to remove the bone. At the end of the surgery, the fluid is drained from the shoulder, small incisions are closed and dressing is applied.

Who needs Arthroscopy?

  • Arthroscopy is recommended for the following shoulder problem, such as:
  • A torn or damaged biceps tendon
  • A torn or damaged cartilage ring (labrum) or ligaments
  • Inflammation or damaged lining of the joint
  • Stiffness of the shoulder
  • A bone spur or inflammation around the rotator cuff
  • A torn rotator cuff

Shoulder arthroscopy is minimally invasive Best Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgeon in Delhi, which compares to open surgery, facilitates less pain and stiffness, lesser complications, faster recovery and shorter stay in hospital. To gain all the strength the patient should follow up after surgery rehabilitation and recovery program.