Best Spine Doctor/Surgeon in Delhi NCR

Everything Know About Spine Surgery

What happens when the spinal cord gets damaged

The spine surgeon elaborates that you may experience a loss of feeling or movement, which is known as paralysis when there is a harm in the spinal cord. Our spinal cord is connected to the number of nerves that carries the electrical signals between the brain and the body. The best spine doctor in Delhi always further states that when significant damage occurs in our spinal cord, it hampers or block those signals or hardly able to transmit to the other parts of our body.

Diagnosis and tests

Proper diagnosis and test is crucial as it helps the best spine doctor to assess the real condition of the problem. It also helps the spine surgeon in Delhi to take appropriate treatment based on the outcome of the tests. Some common diagnosis and test include:

  • Computer Tomography (CT) o Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) o Electromyography (EMG) o Discography

Treatment for spine injuries and disorder 

Although some non-surgical treatment is available, however, when the condition is debilitating and painful, the spine surgeon recommends the spine surgery as one of the curative treatment options to get rid of such condition. Some of the treatment procedure that is carried out by the best spine doctor at Dr Khera's Wellness Clinic comprises:

  • Treatment of degenerative disc disease
  • Treatment of lumbar disc herniation
  • Treatment of cervical disc herniation
  • Treatment of spinal stenosis
  • Treatment of spondylolisthesis
  • Treatment of vertebral compression fracture
  • Treatment of cervicoarthrosis
  • Treatment of spinal trauma/fracture

Rehabilitation after surgery or injury treatment 

Once the treatment procedure is accomplished, the rehabilitation process is considered an important part of recuperation by the spine surgeon in Delhi. It may include exercise conditioning program that helps and allows you to return to your daily activities effectively. You can even return to sports and other recreational activities with the help of well-structured and efficiently organized rehabilitation program that is conducted under the supervision of best spine doctor. The doctor also ensures that the rehabilitation program is safe and help you to meet your goal.