Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement Surgeon in Delhi

Why Need Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

Total hip replacement surgery is required if you are troubled by your hip, which has been impaired by the diseases, such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, fracture or any other common reason. Due to such condition, your hip might become stiff. it gradually getting hard for you to put on your shoes and socks, even you are feeling excruciating pain and discomfort while resting. If the medication and other therapies are not able to provide you with relief from the hip pain, total hip replacement surgery will be an ideal option for you.

Total hip replacement, that is also abbreviated as THR, is one of the common and most successful surgical procedures in orthopaedic surgery. After the surgery, most of the patient gets respite from the pain and regain proper range of physical ability, motion and quality of life.

Candidate for total hip replacement surgery

Are you an ideal candidate for total hip replacement surgery or not, is based on the patient's pain and disability, rather than their age. Most the patient is above 50 years of age. Individuals who are suffering from degenerative arthritis, bony fracture of the hip joint, rheumatoid arthritis and death of the hip bone are considered ideal for the total hip replacement surgery.

Total hip replacement surgery procedure

The total hip replacement surgery requires surgical removal of the impaired ball and the socket and replacing them with the metal or ceramic ball as well as stem is placed into the femur bone and the artificial plastic or ceramic cup socket. The metallic artificial ball and the stem are inserted into the central core of the femur, which is fixed by the bony cement material called methyl methacrylate. There is also an option of the cementless prosthesis which allows bony ingrowth the normal femur into the prosthesis stem. It is good for the younger patient and has a longer hip duration.

Rehabilitation and recovery after the surgery

For a faster recovery after the total hip replacement surgery in Delhi, the rehabilitation program has to follow strictly. The faster recovery and the success of your hip surgery immensely depend on how you are following the instruction and taking home care within the first few weeks after surgery. Physical therapy should be commenced right after the surgery. A comprehensive rehabilitation process comprises stepping, walking and climbing with the help of the therapist and the devices such as walkers and crutches.


Serious complications are very rare during the total hip replacement surgery and the chances of complication can be reduced by choosing an expert and experienced surgeon and clinic. Some complications include


  • infection
  • Loosening
  • Breakage
  • Dislocation
  • Change in leg length